Help Us Welcome Our New Board Chair Bunny Terry

In August, our Board Chair Bud Hamilton announced that he would be stepping down from his position on the CFFNM Board of Directors and Vice Chair Bunny Terry would be replacing him as Board Chair.
Upon the passing of the gavel, Bud said “It’s been an honor and a privilege to chair the board these past 13 years. While stepping down from the board chair, I’m not stepping away from the organization as I will remain on the board and be very involved. I’m delighted to know the Foundation will now be in the capable hands of Bunny Terry. She has my total confidence.”
Many of you may already know Bunny as a fierce advocate of cancer patients and the author of Lifesaving Gratitude: How Gratitude Helped Me Beat Stage IV Colon Cancer. A native New Mexican, Bunny grew up on a farm in northeastern New Mexico. She was living in Santa Fe in 2012 when she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.
For almost a year, Bunny underwent chemotherapy, and at the end of that time, she had written over 365,000 words from her daily writing practice which she turned into her book, Lifesaving Gratitude. This book is both a story of her survival and a handbook for how gratitude and positivity were indispensable tools in her survival. If there is anyone who understands a cancer patient’s journey, it’s Bunny Terry.
After many years of volunteering for CFFNM’s Sweetheart Auction and strategizing fundraising initiatives as a board member, Bunny eventually stepped into the role of Vice Chair and has never looked back.
In speaking about her new position now as Board Chair, Bunny said “As a Stage IV cancer survivor, helping cancer patients get to their life saving treatment is my passion. Seven years ago when Bud invited me to serve on the CFFNM board, I knew I’d finally found a place where I could serve in the most effective way. Stepping into the Board Chair role is not only an honor; it gives me a place where I can most effectively further that passion while continuing Bud’s and the Board’s legacy of saving lives.”