Legacy Giving Pays It Forward


To Future Generations of Cancer Patients

Legacy Giving Cancer Patients

Donations made to the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico (CFFNM) during your lifetime are very much appreciated. In addition, the Board of Directors of CFFNM would like our generous and future-minded donors to consider becoming a Legacy Giving Partner by making a Legacy Gift which will have a direct and lasting impact on CFFNM, helping our patients and our community for generations to come.

A Legacy Gift may be personalized and flexible as well as very satisfying for the Donor/s. Legacy gifts may be made using various formats including:

Beneficiary Designations:

Beneficiary designations on an insurance policy, employee benefit plan, or other ``transfer on death`` accounts.


Bequests made in your estate planning documents – your will, or your revocable or irrevocable trusts.

Charitable Remainder or Lead Trusts:

A variety of trust arrangements are available that offer benefits to both the donor and the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Gifts of Real Property

Questions? Please contact Bob Ansheles at (505) 955-7931 x. 4 or bob@cffnm.org

Planned Giving Santa Fe Cancer Survivor Bunny Terry

“Toby and I are unique in that not only did I have stage IV colon cancer, but also his fiancé, with whom he had a 13-year relationship, died of the exact same diagnosis. We know firsthand and all too well how it feels to hear an oncologist say the words, ‘You have cancer.’

“We know the fear, the challenges, the overwhelming loss of control, and the financial cost that goes with cancer. That’s why we’re so dedicated to helping the patients CFFNM serves. We want this care to be available long after we’re gone, and so we have arranged for the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico to be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.”

Toby Anderson and Bunny Terry, 10/10 Visionary Society Members

    Interested In Learning More About Planned Giving?

    Email us using the form below or call Development Director Sonja Bohannon at (505) 955-7931 x. 407.

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