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Welcome to the Journey Together Newsletter by the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico.
Our newsletter aims to share stories of courage and kindness, spotlight remarkable individuals in our community, and keep you informed about the latest news, upcoming events, and more. Every issue of the Journey Together Newsletter is a testament to our commitment to healing, support, and solidarity. 

The Sping 2024 Issue has Arrived

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In this Issue - SPRING 2024

Patient Story: The Resilient Spirit of Paulyette Perea
Dive into the poetic journey of Paulyette Perea as she navigates life’s challenges with unwavering strength. Read more.

A $1,000,000 Milestone: Fueling Progress for 10/10 Visionary Fund Witness the power of generosity as an anonymous donation propels a decade of hope and progress forward.

Heartfelt Success: Celebrating the 2024 Sweetheart Auction
Join us in commemorating the heartwarming victories of the 2024 Sweetheart Auction, where every bid was a beacon of love and support.

Volunteer Spotlight: Pamela Grieco’s Inspiring Journey 
From volunteer to patient and back again, Pamela Grieco’s story reminds us of the profound impact of giving back. Read more.

2nd Annual Native American Health Symposium: A Commitment to Cancer Care 
Join the movement towards better healthcare access and support as we unite for the 2nd Annual Native American Health Symposium, dedicated to advancing cancer care.

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