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Cancer caregiver support group leader featured on podcast

Ronni Levine was recently featured on the ‘Psychology of Aging’ podcast speaking about cancer caregiver support & bereavement groups.

The Cancer Foundation for New Mexico’s own Ronni Levine appeared on the Psychology of Aging podcast hosted by Dr. Regina Koepp recently.  In the podcast she talks about the benefits of cancer caregiver support and shares tips for getting a strong system of support in place.  She also touches on how the COVID pandemic impacted cancer caregivers, what participating in a cancer caregiver or bereavement group is actually like and how to find a cancer support group near you among other topics.

The Psychology of Aging podcast intends to help to build bridges between generations, broaden understanding of the aging process, dispel myths, challenge stereotypes, and promote health and well-being for older adults and their families.  It is hosted on a weekly basis by Dr. Regina Koepp PsyD, ABPP and board certified Clinical Psychologist and Gerontologist.

To listen to the acclaimed podcast visit Dr. Regina Koeep’s website or listen below:

Our support groups are FREE to cancer patients, caregivers, friends, and family. They are organized and managed by the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico, and are led by experienced, licensed facilitators.  Our support groups are currently being offered online, visit our support group page to see the schedule.


If you have any interest in underwriting one of our support groups, please reach out to Development Director Bob Ansheles at or by calling 505-955-7931 ext. 4.