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Dinners for 10 at Both Sazon and Sassella

Enjoy two distinct and unforgettable dinners for 10 people at two of Santa Fe’s favorite fine dining establishments!


Originally from Mexico City, Chef Fernando Olea has been enthralling diners in Santa Fe since 1991 with his unique interpretation of contemporary and traditional Mexican dishes. Chef Olea creates sophisticated flavors using Old Mexico’s indigenous and culinary traditions alongside ingredients from around the world.

“Expect one of the most memorable dining experiences of your life at Sazón. Surrounded by vibrant colors and the various somber expressions of Frida Kahlo, Sazón fuses seasonally fresh ingredients with scrumptious iterations of 30-ingredient mole sauce. The Mexico City-born, 10-gallon hat-sporting chef Fernando Olea oversees all proceedings, including the choreographed, ‘brigade-style’ service.” – 5280 Magazine

Chef Olea will prepare a specialty tasting menu guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. Alcohol and gratuity not included.


Executive Chef Christian Pontiggia hails from Lombardy’s Valtelline region in northern Italy. He brings the underlying tradition of fine Italian dining into contemporary world cuisine, producing innovative dishes that are a delight to the eye as well as the palette.

Chef Pontiggia is the recipient of many awards. In addition to working at two Michelin Star awarded restaurants in Europe, he has received awards for cooking and wine knowledge from the Chaine des Routisseurs. The Italian government recognizes him as a Master Chef and he holds a culinary degree that certifies him as a Doctor of Oenogastronomy.

Chef Pontiggia will prepare a special tasting menu just for you! What are you waiting for? Mangiamo! Alcohol and gratuity not included.

Generously donated by: Sazon and Sassella