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Collection of 6 Books Authored & Signed by Forrest Fenn

Forrest Fenn became known worldwide after hiding a treasure estimated to be worth $1-3 million in the wilderness north of Santa Fe 9 years ago. He then released clues to its location in a poem published in his first memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase.” The story of the Fenn Treasure has been featured in numerous publications, television broadcasts, and documentaries in multiple countries. Fenn is a pancreatic cancer survivor.

The 6 books included in this collection are listed below. All books are authored and signed by Forrest Fenn. The 3 memoirs include rare doodle drawings as detailed below:

(1) The Thrill of the Chase, signed and drawn in, 10th edition
(2) Too Far to Walk, signed and drawn in, 8th edition
(3) Once Upon a While, signed and drawn in, 1st edition
(4) Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch: A Personal Tribute to Eric Sloane, signed, 1st edition
(5) Teepee Smoke: A New Look Into the Life and Work of Joseph Henry Sharp, signed, 1st edition
(6) Leon Gaspard: The Call of Distant Places, signed, 1st edition

Generously donated by: Forrest Fenn