Dr. Siegfried Hecker Celebrity Dinner

Professor (Research) Emeritus and Senior Fellow Emeritus, Stanford University, Director Emeritus, Los Alamos National Laboratory:

Enjoy a fascinating dinner for 8 with Dr. Siegfried Hecker in a beautiful Canyon Road neighborhood home.

Has the North Korean nuclear threat really been reduced? Is rapid denuclearization feasible? Start prepping your questions now! Dr. Siegfried Hecker is an internationally recognized expert in plutonium science, global threat reduction, and nuclear security who has made an unprecedented four trips to North Korea’s covert labyrinth of nuclear sites. As the only American scientist to see the facility for enriching uranium—to make bomb fuel—he has a unique insider viewpoint. He detailed his extraordinary behind-the-scenes access earlier this year on 60 Minutes, sharing his amazement when North Korea officials handed him an actual piece of plutonium to examine.

Dr. Hecker is among the world’s foremost experts on all things nuclear—his direct experience not only correlates to North Korea but also to Russia; he authored the 2016 book Doomed to Cooperate, which details the long collaboration  between American and Russian nuclear labs post Cold War to secure immense stockpiles of ex-Soviet nuclear materials. Hear his thoughtful opinions on how a peaceful resolution on the Korean peninsula can best be achieved—and his insight on all matters of global nuclear activities. You and your guests can dine with Dr. Hecker in a lovely private home and enjoy a lively and important evening. Details to follow.

Due to Dr. Hecker’s busy travel schedule, date restrictions apply. All dates subject to change without notice.

Excludes the months of : April, May, October, and November of 2019.
Also excludes: First half of June, last week in September, and the first half of December of 2019.