Honor Roll

Welcome to the Honor Roll!

Each year, the Honor Roll is featured in conjunction with our Annual Care Campaign in order to increase awareness and raise funds to support the Foundation’s vitally important patient services. What better way to honor a loved one who has been affected by cancer than to support others who are involved in the fight?

Through February 28th: Donors to our Annual Care Campaign will have the opportunity to list an Honoree here in the Honor Roll section of our website. You may wish to honor a friend, family member, beloved pet, or even a doctor or nurse. (The Honor Roll is featured on the website from Nov. 1st to Feb. 28th each year.)

Click the audio player above to hear more about how your dollars are used to support New Mexico cancer patients in need.



Honor Roll 2019

In Honor of Bob Ansheles – Submitted by Nancy Ansheles

In Memory of Bebe Krimmer – Submitted by Richard and Joy Brams

In Memory of Sheila Aageson Drometer – Submitted by Thomas Aageson

In Memory of Beth Carlozzi – Submitted by James Brinkman

In Memory of Keith Roth – Submitted by Dorothy Bracey

In Honor of Bonnie Garr – Submitted by Diane Webster-Thomas

In Honor of Betty Jean Sevier – Submitted by Karen Rodriguez

In Honor of Chris Castro – Submitted by Leslie Nathanson-Juris

In Honor of Valerie & Bud Hamilton – Submitted by Judith Nix

In Honor of Jill A. Herman – Submitted by Linda Burns Herman

In Honor of Stacey McMullen – Submitted by Annamarie McLaughlin

In Honor of Lois Callaghan – Submitted by Constance Burke

In Memory of Nicole Berezin – Submitted by Jill Carson

In Memory of Barbara E. Tilton, PhD – Submitted by Judy Payne

In Honor of Bud & Valerie Hamilton – Submitted by Charmay Allred

In Memory of Edmund Alarid & James White – Submitted by Tina Alarid White

In Honor of Irene Arias Walker – Submitted by Stephen R. Arias

In Memory of Bruce Baker – Submitted by Judith Baker

In Memory of Greta Strauss Abraham – Submitted by Marilyn Abraham 

In Memory of Don Morsman – Submitted by Linda Morsman

In Memory of Joel Koiter – Submitted by Judy Winkler

In Memory of David Devins – Submitted by Joan Snader

In Memory of AnneGarrison – Submitted by Joan Snader

In Honor of Valerie Hamilton – Submitted by Barry Hargrove

In Memory of Dale Leacock – Submitted by Barry Hargrove

In Memory of Dorothy Yeomans – Submitted by Scott Yeomans

In Memory of Bruce Meckler – Submitted by Robin Hendricksen

In memory of Joann Wasserman – Submitted by Karen Kolbert Richelli

In memory of Millie – Submitted by Andrea Slade

In Honor of Diana Honnell – Submitted by Kevin Honell

In Memory of Dick & JJ Callaghan – Submitted by Lois Callaghan

In Memory of Sharon Arwine – Submitted by Dana Brienza

In Honor of the Chemo Suite Staff & Volunteers – Submitted by Patrick O’Brien