The 2021 Honorary and Memorial Tribute Honor Wall is Sponsored by Enterprise Bank & Trust

Honor Wall Tributes


It takes a village to fulfill the goals of the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico and to meet our patients’ needs. We are now honored to pay tribute to the health care providers, volunteers, caregivers, friends, and family who provide the support and encouragement enabling patients to become survivors.

As one caregiver expressed, “I admire what the Foundation is doing. I could not save my sister, but by supporting the Foundation, it gives me hope that I can help someone else become a cancer survivor.”

In honor of doctors and healthcare workers at the Cancer Center
Sponsored by: Waterstone Mortgage Corporation

During 2020, healthcare workers and doctors went above and beyond to serve the community. It is for this reason that Waterstone Mortgage wishes to honor their selfless commitment to the community and to those most in need.

In honor of Lisa Buysse
Sponsored by: X-Ray Associates of New Mexico

X-Ray Associates at Santa Fe is honored to acknowledge Lisa in her courageous walk and fight in the battle. Lisa was not alone and she says that her co-workers and staff here at X-Ray Associates helped her get through her diagnosis. She felt good because of the care and support she received from XRANM. She also credits the physicians who helped explain her diagnosis and the treatment that would be needed.

Lisa, keep embracing your strength and courage. You are an important member of our team and your strength and positivity have been an inspiration!

In honor of Char Cook
Sponsored by: Howard Gershon

Cancer is a word, not a sentence. You beat it and we are so proud of you!


In honor of Andrea Garcia
Sponsored by: Santa Fe Title Company

Andrea is a critical part of our team at work, and a leader that others rely on for technical assistance and understanding. During her treatment, and VICTORY over cancer, she maintained a tremendous spirit and still was the producer and leader that we needed her to be. Her compassion for others clearly overwhelmed her own needs. She was the shining light on the hill we needed her to be, unselfishly leading others to excellence in light of her own battles. She is our CHAMPION.

In honor of Meggan Gentile
Sponsored by: Sweers Stevens & Thompson at Merrill Lynch Santa Fe

In honor of healthcare providers and nurses
Sponsored by: Presbyterian Health Foundation - Santa Fe

In honor of all healthcare providers and nurses who tirelessly work to fight this disease.


In honor of Mike Lambert
Sponsored by: Linda and John Lambert

In honor of all the families and staff of the New Mexico Cancer Center
Sponsored by: The Chan-Chiu Family

In honor of Gladys and Juris Veidemanis
Sponsored by: Gail Dobish and Maris Veidemanis

Juris survived the Europe of WWII and several years in a Displaced Persons camp to come to the US and meet the love of his life -- Gladys.  Both became highly respected teachers who influenced hundreds of students. When he was 43 years old, Juris was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  This picture was taken not long before he died at age 47 -- leaving Gladys a widow at age 40. Our sponsorship is to honor their courage, persistence, love, and the gift of inspiration they have imparted to so many.