About Us

The Cancer Foundation for New Mexico (CFFNM) is a local, independent non-profit that was formed in 2003. Our mission is to help save lives by providing the needed support to enable every northern New Mexican with cancer to access treatment in Santa Fe. While we have strong relationships with health care providers, we are a separate entity whose funding goes directly to cancer patients and to the support services that we provide.

Our History

The Foundation originated when a group of oncologists and their patients recognized that there was an unusual and unmet need here in northern New Mexico.  Because Santa Fe is the primary treatment location for all of northern New Mexico, some people who had received a cancer diagnosis were not getting treatment because they couldn’t afford to travel to, or stay in, Santa Fe over the course of days or weeks.  Despite being able to get assistance with their medical costs, these other non-medical costs were preventing them from accessing treatment.

That was a heartbreaking situation for the doctors who knew they could help these patients if the patients could get to them.  Thus the Foundation was created specifically to assist with these overlooked, but critically important, needs of financially-challenged cancer patients and their families.


Since that time, CFFNM has expanded its services.  In addition to travel and lodging, we now also provide grocery gift cards to in-need patients to ensure that they are getting healthy nutrition while in treatment.  Over time, the number of patients that we assist has grown every year and their financial need is even greater in these difficult economic times.

No patient who qualifies for our assistance is turned away.

We have also expanded the additional services we provide to all patients, regardless of their financial need.  Because ensuring that patients can access treatment is just the beginning.  Once in treatment, all patients need a full range of support services—from weekly support groups for patients, caregivers, and families to trained volunteers (often cancer survivors) who provide one-on-one support during treatment, and much more.

We are the only local organization providing all of these support services to cancer patients in northern New Mexico.  All of the money that we raise stays here in our local community.  A small committed staff together with a group of caring volunteers work closely with the local medical community to make it all happen.  But it couldn’t happen without the financial support of generous individuals and businesses from across New Mexico.  It is truly a community effort that helps save lives.